● Keywords:新尋寶記_AR

● Devices

  • Tablets(Android、iOs)
  • Smart phone supporting gyro

● Details

“New Treasure Hunt” uses the interactive technology developed by AR Augmented Reality.”New Treasure Hunt” uses the interactive technology developed by AR Augmented Reality.

The scene of the game is extended to the entire campus, and it is hoped that students can go around the school to hunt for treasures. In the process of treasure hunt, in addition to knowing the environment of the whole campus, they can also know all the people, things and things on campus. Name and description.
Students can use the Android tablet or iPod to find the QR Code on the campus. After finding it, the camera will be identified by the QR Code. After the identification is successful, the video, text description and other content will be displayed for students to browse and learn. The teacher can also decide whether or not the background is determined by the background. To connect the question bank as a test for student learning.
The background of “New Treasure Hunt” also introduces the question bank system. Teachers can add content themselves. Each content will generate a QR Code. Teachers can print and paste on relevant campus venues or objects to enhance students’ curiosity. Happy hour of treasure hunt.
Another mention is that there are ten hidden secrets in the “New Treasure Hunt”! I can’t tell you here first, you must follow the treasure map and visit the campus hunt to discover.

● Rewards

  • 5 gold coins for each question answered correctly

AI Learning Histories Tracking

Through the student history record, AI artificial intelligence will be able to make various analysis based on the data of the large database, and then provide diagnostic reports and recommendations for response.