●Keywords :英語村_VR

● Devices

  • Tablets(Android、iOs)
  • Smart phone supporting gyro

● Details

“English Town” is an English learning material produced by VR virtual reality technology.”English Village” is an English learning material produced by VR virtual reality technology.
In addition to using a tablet to browse, students can also choose Google Cardboard (including iPod) to experience learning in an immersive mode.
The teaching materials include 8 3D virtual scenes such as terminal MRT, airport lobby, convenience store, exit checkpoint, restaurant, cabin, consulting desk, transit hotel, etc. Each meeting provides 3 answering points, students can freely choose Which level starts with. In the process, the virtual character will be questioned in English and pronunciation, and the student can answer the question according to the question type.
The special part of “English Village” is that the back-end is connected to the question bank system. The question bank can be answered by the teacher according to the scene, adding new questions and questions. When the students participate in the course, the system will be read by the question bank. Different topics, and the learning process will record the topics that students are already familiar with and will reduce their chances of emergence.

● Rewards

  • 5 gold coins will be received answering correctly。

AI Learning Histories Tracking

Through the student history record, AI artificial intelligence will be able to make various analysis based on the data of the large database, and then provide diagnostic reports and recommendations for response.