● Keywords:MR_wonderland:

● Devices

  • Tablets (Android、iOs)
  • iPhone/Android Phone+Cardboard
  • AR Core/AR Kit Phone

● Details

“MR_wonderland” is a learning material produced by a hybrid reality including AR and VR technology.”MR_wonderland” is a learning material produced by a hybrid reality including AR and VR technology.
“MR_wonderland” uses the technology development of Mix Reality. We allow 3D virtual objects to be presented on the student’s live desktop or land.
In the process of learning, we are always full of curiosity.
MR_wonderland has the same learning style as Pokémon Dream. Students can look for pictures of feature points on campus with Android tablet or iPod. After finding the camera, they will be identified by the camera. After the recognition, cute characters will appear. You interact and appear videos, text descriptions and other content for students to browse and learn. Teachers can also decide whether to connect the question bank by the background, as a test for students to learn.
Under the guidance of the characters, the students must complete the questions raised in the characters. They are all the topics mentioned in the interaction with the characters. After answering the questions, the cute characters will take photos with you and can go to any designated place. Take a photo.
This textbook uses the new technology of AR Core & AR Kit, which can define the space more accurately and provide you with a better browsing experience. Only you must use a specific mobile device. For related information, please contact your local distribution. Business.
However, please don’t worry, this textbook will first detect whether the user’s mobile device supports the latest technology. If it is not supported, the system can switch to the GPS version to let users enjoy the same browsing experience.
The special part of “MR_wonderland” is that the back-end is connected to the question bank system. The question bank can be based on the scene response point attribute of the teacher, adding new questions and questions. When the students participate in the course, the system will read the questions from the question bank. 

● Rewards

5 gold coins will be received per answering correctly

AI Learning Histories Tracking

Through the student history record, AI artificial intelligence will be able to make various analysis based on the data of the large database, and then provide diagnostic reports and recommendations for response.