Among the stars and planets, immerse yourself in all the vastness

Shifu Space flash card game is everything you need to unlock the colossal knowledge hidden in the seams of the galaxy.

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Shifu Space Cards

Re-shaping imagination

Designed by childhood experts, Shifu flashcard equips the kid to memorize better compared to other learning tools.

Dynamic learning

Dynamic education involves immersive education that has been proven to be better than static or text-heavy learning.

Fun schooling

Our flashcards presents data, information and facts in a precise manner for the benefit of the curious child.

How it Works
  • Install the Shifu application on your device.
  • Place the flashcard in the play area to unfold the augmented reality magic.
  • What are you waiting for? Bring your card to life!
  • Enter the galaxy and grasp it all.

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